Grandparents are the best

Grandparents are the best.


Grandparents are the best

Loving my grandbabies

Being a grandmother is a blessing. I love the late night feedings, the diaper changes, the potty training, the hugs, the smile, the play time, the kisses and so many other things from my grand babies.  I consider myself fortunate to be a grandmother and I don’t take the title for granted, I embraced the role as grandmother. I must admit as they grow older, tears fill my eyes sometimes, because they are growing so fast and I just want to cuddle in my arms like little babies forever.  As a grandparent I chose educational things for them to watch, I teach colors, numbers, alphabets and they know when they are with grandma, they are loved, that’s why they cry when they leave, but I tell them I will see them again, but some times the tears get me and I just keep them with me for a few more days, what can I say I love my grand babies. Young children need guidance not from just their parents, but from their grandparents, we become more emotional and attached to our grandchildren and they know that we do all the special little things, that makes us so popular!

Eat merry!

Enjoy my wonderful advice on eating merry!

Eat what you like and in moderation!